The Parkview Experience

 The experience you have on your wedding day means everything to me. And when booking me as your wedding photographer, I feel that quality of of photos should be equally as paramount as the experience when working together. It's important to me  that you be smiling, laughing, and feeling relaxed throughout the entire wedding planning process. I want you to trust me me 100% and I want us to be friends. 

The experience is important to me because aside from your husband or bride  your photographer is going to be the next person that you are going to be with all day on your wedding day. Having a photographer that resonates with your style of photographs  is just as important as having someone who is fun and that has an outgoing attitude - and that's exactly what you can expect with me.

My job is not to just get gorgeous photos of you and your partner, but it goes beyond that. I will guide you during our engagement session, I will keep you at ease knowing that I have things covered, and most importantly I will make sure we are sticking to our time-line. While doing all this we are going to have fun, I'm going to crack jokes, and we are going to have a great time - because we will be friend's by this point.

As your wedding photographer I am there to document your day and to tell a story through images. So when you receive your gallery, or album you feel taken back in time to your wedding. You will see all the beautiful detail, you will feel all the same emotions of happiness and excitement from your wedding day over and over again. And because photos last forever, every time you look at those photos you will relieve those special moments in your life time and time again.

I'll be capturing all the details throughout the day, the emotions, and all the candid moments because after all - Love Is Candid, Your Wedding Photos Should Be Too

You have an adventurous spirit


You prefer meetings with cocktails, beer, or wine


You're up for some amazing golden-hour portraits


You enjoy good music, good food, and company


You're cool with getting your dress a bit dirty


You're mad in love and want to document it


You're An Animal Lover


You're looking to have fun with your photographer


You're ready to say "YES!" to having an awesome time while creating beautiful photos 

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average investment

$3200 -3800

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As you decide on what to do for your wedding photography, keep in mind two things. First, payment plans are available. And second, everything else that you are planning for your wedding is temporary. Your photographs are forever. Relive your wedding day over-and-over again with hiring the right photographer with a style you will cherish for decades (and generations) to come.

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An investment into wedding photos is something that you will treasure for a life time will last generations. After the night has settle, your dressed neatly packed a way, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted, and the guest have left - the only left will be your wedding photos.

The Investment




I understand that no wedding is alike and thats because no two couples are a like. Every #Parkviewcouple has been a perfect fit for off the hop. That's because I deeply want to mesh with you and your fiancé - yeah that's right! It's waaay cooler when we can all have fun together! But, really it's because it resonates through the photos. I want you to look back on your wedding and say " Damn that was SUCH an INCREDIBLE DAY!

Email me and let's set up a meeting and chat about your wedding over coffee!


As soon as your able, I highly recommend booking with me as soon as possible RIGHT AFTER your engaged! I don't mean this sound pushy, but I book early( 8-12 months for peak season and 6 months out for non-peak season).

Basically, book me as you as you have nailed down a date!



let's plan your beautiful engagement session!

Ok - this has to be one of my favourite things of the the process because this where we get to have some serious fun. I offer two different session, an adventurous session or -- THE EPIC session.  If you are wanting engagement photographs that aren't cliche and stand out with some jaw-dropping views, the adventurous or epic session is for you.

Engagement sessions are great because it's a chance for us to have a practice run - don't worry I gotchu, I'm going to coach you through it). These sessions are also great because the images are good to use for your invitations or save the dates!


let's talk about your wedding timeline!

I don't expect you know everything about planning a wedding time line, and this is where my experience comes in hand. I like to recommend doing a first looks, and i'll recommend a time line so you get the most of me on your wedding day - all while reduce your stress level and maximizing your enjoyment! Let me help you!

For now you can check out The Best Wedding Timeline on my blog.



Finally... On your wedding day you can relax and enjoy your day with your friends and family. At this point, all of the questions have been answered, and I'm there right by your side for the entire coverage window that you have booked Parkview Studio. 

The timeline is done, the details are figured out, and your gorgeous details and memories are being captured!



After your wedding day, the anticipation to receive your photographs will have you checking your email every day. Although this can take anywhere between from 6-8 week. I am keeping you in the loop and communicating often. But don't worry, I'm not going to leave you hanging, I always try and get out a few photos for you for a teaser to share with your friend's and family.

I can't wait to deliver your photographs and hear how you are reliving your wedding day all over again. Congratulations, newlyweds!!!