Why You Should Consider An Unplugged Wedding

Weddings are special! It’s a sacred celebration as two families become one and two individuals make a promise to each other to be their life long partner. I really enjoy it when couples consider having an “unplugged wedding” because it allows the guest to really be apart of the celebration and focus on the couple.  The more traditional form of an unplugged wedding is having a cell phone free ceremony. It’s becoming more and more popular in today’s world that couple wants to keep their wedding day private and free from social media. They also want to allow the guest to focus on why they were invited – personally I love this idea.

My favorite parts of a wedding are when the bride comes down the aisle and I get to see the reaction on the groom’s face. Or when the couples say their vows. Or the first kiss.  To me, there is something magical to see two madly in love people become one. An unplugged wedding also allows photographers to do their job and to capture those key moments without any distractions of a cell phone or iPad in the pictures. You don’t want a picture of you walking down the aisle with 20 phones being held up in your direction. It’s distracting a photo and it takes the focus away from you.

Here’s How To Tell Your Guest 

With the popularity of an unplugged ceremony, I wanted to share some ways to let your guests know to put their devices away during the ceremony. I have seen couples put out signs before they walk into the venue or even slip in a note to their invitation. However, sometimes some guests need a little friendly reminder so I recommend an announcement is made at the beginning of the ceremony asking guests to put their devices away. I have found that this is the best and most effective way to get your guests to respect your request and be present for the wedding.

If after reading this you are still unsure and are considering an unplugged wedding, I highly suggest it!

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